Business Resources

A note from #LAAdapts and the LA Metro Chamber:
We are committed to sharing only verifiable information. In holding this commitment, we encourage individuals and businesses to only seek answers and information from reliable sources including the Maine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, your local municipal government, other State of Maine departments, and the reputable health systems.

Supporting Business, Supports Community

Our local small businesses are the heart of our community, the cornerstone of our economy. You employ our neighbors and friends, circulate dollars in business-to-business purchases, and sponsor our community events and teams. Now is the time to seek resources to help you weather this storm. We are all here for you- and the resources here can help you, your team, and our economy. Get help with cashflow, take care of your crew, and adopt your own #payitforward campaign to get customers to advance buy services, gift cards, or products.

Capital and Cashflow

Many of our businesses are feeling the pinch – either mandated to close or feeling the effects of everyone staying home.

When grant information is available, you will find it here.

Taking Care of Your Crew

The last thing a business owner wants to do is lay off their employees. If you are thinking about this step – call or check-in with DOL first, and create or update your account. You can see what the newest is here. This puts your employees at the front of the line, and ensures they don’t have the one week wait. If you do layoff anyone, be sure they remember to file here, and state clearly this from the COVID/Corona impact. Offer them this resource, too.

Staying Safe

If you are open for business – and we hope you are – staying safe is important. You could choose to do temperature screenings, looking for your team to below 100.4F. Keep your team 6ft away from each other, clean high-touch surfaces often, and follow this guidance. Download resources for printing at work here

Changes to the Law

With new information issued everyday, and multiple laws being passed at the State and Federal level, there is a lot to track.  On Friday, March 27, Congress passed a third relief package in response to the COVID-19 pandemic called the CARES Act. View the $2 trillion breakdown here and the latest policies and options for small businesses here. The newest Maine labor law info is here. The newly passed Families First Coronavirus Response has updates to paid sick leave and offers a refundable tax credit, paid family leave and refundable tax credit, and comes with an easy-to-read explainer sheet and a webinar from the US Dept. of Labor.

Pay it Forward

Pay It Forward Maine asks individuals, businesses and organizations to continue supporting local businesses and their employees in our new world of closed storefronts and social distancing. This could be your favorite sandwich shop, your local coffee haunt, your beloved caterer, your hotel conference host, your trusted hair salon. It could be your “usual” restaurant or taproom where you know the servers by name. Maybe it’s your favorite bookstore, live music venue, museum, or theater. It’s also your service providers: house cleaners, pet sitters, daycares, and of course the medical and emergency personnel who have been on the front lines. Get ideas for paying it forward here, and help sustain your local businesses. Use these logos, tag your friends, and challenge them to Pay it Forward by buying takeout, swag, gift cards and more.