We are a community of together.

Together, we will adapt, lead, and thrive.

Community Resources

You are worried about you and your family and aren’t sure where to start. From schooling at home to finding financial and food resources, we have curated a handful of resources to help you answer some questions.

Business Resources

As a business owner you have lots of questions on the best way to handle the challenges that you are now experiencing as a result of COVID-19. Use these curated resources to take the first step.

Find Local Businesses

In response to COVID-19, businesses are shifting the way that they operate. Using the #LAadapts website, you can search businesses who have shifted their operations but are still open.

News + Updates

What is #LAadapts?

#LAadapts is a project of the Lewiston Auburn Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. In in effort to elevate the profile of local businesses who remain open, the #LAadapts campaign drives customers to local businesses – Chamber members or not. Together, we as a community will adapt.

What can I do?

The best way to make this site the most robust it can be is to invite businesses to create their listings on the #LAadapts website. Once they have do that, please share the site, visit these businesses, buy their takeout, and purchase their gift cards.

Together, we as a community will adapt.